Product Photography
Creative Product: Stylized photos following a themed concept created by us or provided by you. Useful for Billboards, Social Media, Marketing Photos.
Ecommerce Product: Product photos on a solid colored background to show detail, color accuracy, and different sides/angles of an object for use to sell online.
Business Photography
Company PortraitsStylized photos of staff members, executives, officers, and owners. Useful for online profiles for social media, website, email signatures, and framed for the office.
Company Team Photos: Group photo of the company team. 
Storefront/Office/Building/Vehicles: Photos to show the work place, marketplace, and/or the building. Establishes location awareness and shows professionalism.
Real Estate Photography
Exterior Property: Exterior shots of the home, building, or structure
Interior Property: Room shots of the interior of a home, building, or structure with proper lighting and scale.
Virtual Tours: Interactive walkthrough of a home, building, location, or structure.
Standard Rates
Shooting rate: $175/hr
Post Processing/Editing: $175/hr
Aerial Photography/Videography: $200/hr
*Package rates available on a per project basis

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